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This DIY - Anaerobic Chamber was developed without blue prints, using hardware store materials. The goal was to keep costs low, and have a reliable, sturdy piece of equipment to be used many times for different projects at your home/community lab.

Go here to see documentation, materials and building steps.

It was built during my research on Microbial Fuel Cells to power up an Arduino (first, the world...later), as a key stone to further product development. The research was started as my thesis project for the Interactive Telecommunications Program ITP at NYU.

Please visit my project on microbial fuel cells:
BACTELECRIC, bio energy for personal use.

You will see the story, why, how, future steps.

Harnessing electricity from bacteria metabolism.
Feed your bateries !!

This project is developped with the support of GENSPACE the first comunity biolab in the world.

Since you love this project and want to be a part of the development of friendly electricity sources, please DONATE NOW and contact me for further news.

Thank you for your support.